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African Timeshares

Explore Africa Again and Again Africa is a wildly diverse multi-cultural haven for the adventurous traveler who's looking for a different kind of vacation. Certainly you'll find sun, sand and surf in the continent's coastal regions, but you'll also find glittering cities, rural towns, rich history and an abundance of cultures so colorful and sundry that once you've visited, you'll want to return again and again. One way to ensure that you'll be able to return to your favorite African locale every year or every other year is to buy timeshare there. And if you're the kind of traveler who's not satisfied to return to the same destination every year, you can still use a timeshare to travel anywhere in Africa or anywhere in the world. There are hundreds of timeshares for sale in Africa and it's up to you to determine which is best for you.

Travel the Continent The nature of timeshares, in which owners purchase an increment of time to be used annually or biennially, dictates that these vacation properties will be very flexible. Traditional timeshares will have you purchase your time, generally one or two weeks, at a specific resort. You can use this week to return to your "home resort" year after year, but you can also trade your week within an exchange company provided that it's affiliated. That means that you can use your vacation property in Egypt to travel to South Africa one year, Morocco the next, and then return to Cairo when you're ready.

Try a Vacation Club Then there are less traditional timeshares called vacation clubs. These are a fairly new way to use a timeshare to travel the world. When you're a member of a vacation club, you won't necessarily be assigned to any particular destination. Rather, you'll be afforded annual or biennial use at any resort within a broad network. You can travel anywhere within the network every year without having to worry about exchanging your property though a larger exchange company like RCI or Interval International.

Consider Timeshare Resale Finally, timeshares are a great way to travel to Africa year after year because they tend to be very budget-friendly. Your timeshare will be divided among multiple owners meaning that the cost to the individual owner will be much lower. And you can save even more money on your vacation home purchase when you buy your timeshare resale. You can save thousands on the resale market because you'll be purchasing from previous owner rather than directly from the resort. Let timeshares be your ticket to Africa every year.

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